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First, create
your listing.

  • 1

    • Take good photos

    • The more the better. Shoppers like to see your items from every angle.
  • 2

    • Describe the item fully

    • Include brand and product name like "Apple iPhone” or “Coach handbag.” This is what shoppers are looking for.
  • 3

    • Price fairly

    • Search similar listings to see what items like yours sold for.


You can make changes to a listing up until the item sells.

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Ship it

Your item sold.
Now what?

    • Package the item with care

    • Once your item sells, we’ll email you a shipping label to print and attach.
    • Ship within 3 business days

    • Use a valid tracking number. If you’re experiencing a delay, let the buyer know.
    • Confirm your shipment

    • Let us know when you have dropped off your item.


Experiencing a delay? Message the buyer. They can cancel if the item isn’t shipped on time.

Selling stuff that's
bulky or fragile?

Try Pack & Ship at The UPS Store.

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Get paid

Item delivered.
What’s next?

  • 1

    • First, the buyer confirms

    • The buyer has three days to confirm the item is as specified.
  • 2

    • Then, you rate the buyer

    • Rate the buyer and funds are added to your balance.
  • 3

    • You’ve been paid

    • Cash out or treat yourself to any of the millions of items on Mercari.


Listings are free. A flat 10% selling fee is only charged when the sale completes.

Seller Protection

Payment Guarantee

Deliver your item as promised. Payment is guaranteed.

Shipping Protection

Shipments using Mercari prepaid labels include insurance up to $200 for loss or damage in transit.

No meetups. No hassles.

At Mercari, all items ship. No meetups with strangers in strange places.

Recent reviews from sellers

Kid's clothes to sports cards.

"I love Mercari. I have made a killing selling everything from kid's clothes to basketball cards."

February 2020

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Hassle-free fun.

"Easy to use, very user friendly. Will buy and sell more here. Hassle free fun making $$."

February 2020

App Store Review

I love it!

"Great way to make some extra cash, clean up your home, & make someone happy! I love it."

February 2020

App Store Review

"...just four months of posting items on the app, she had

an extra $2,400 in her bank account."

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