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You can earn coupons or discounts on certain items through promotions or as a thank you from our team. Make sure you use your coupon before it expires!

Using coupons

Check out the requirements, savings, and expiration date for your coupons by going to Profile > Settings > Coupons.


To make things easier, eligible coupons are automatically applied at checkout. If you want to change the coupon you’re using or save your coupon for a later purchase, tap the “X” next to the “With coupon” price on the checkout screen.

If you applied a coupon to an order and the order is cancelled, the coupon will automatically be returned to your account and its expiration date extended for the amount of time the transaction was active.


Item discounts

Sometimes Mercari will apply discounts directly to an item. These will appear on the marketplace with a percentage off banner on the listing. To get the discount, you don’t need to apply a coupon at checkout. However, you can’t add another discount on top of these items.

Sellers can also promote their items to give you a discount at checkout.

When you make a purchase with these type of discounts, you won’t get the discount back if the order is cancelled.

Confirming your discount

Once your purchase is complete, we’ll email you your receipt. It’ll include the original listing price, the total amount you paid, and any discounts applied from coupons, credits, or your balance. You can also access your receipt directly from the Order Status page.

Please note that coupon savings are rounded down to the nearest dollar. Only one coupon can be used per transaction.


Mercari will run promotions periodically. During a Mercari promotion, you get the chance to earn coupons and discounts. Participation eligibility and requirements can vary across promotions so be sure to review the terms and conditions every time.

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