Managing Your Listings - Mercari: Your Marketplace

Let’s get your items sold

Whether you’re a first-time lister or an experienced seller, we’ve got you covered. Our team is hard at work following tips and trends that we pass off to our sellers. Staying on top of your listings helps get your items sold faster.

From the time you list an item to when you ship it off to its new home, we’re here to help.

Where to find your listings

You can access your listings at any time by going to your profile > Selling > Listings.

Below the listing’s name, you’ll see the date it was updated, its likes, and how many shoppers have viewed the item. From this page, you can also promote your items, deactivate your listings, and reactivate when you’re ready to sell again. We’ll go through these features below.

Find your saved listing drafts by tapping on the “SELL” camera on your home page. At the top of the new listing, you can tap the gray bar to view any saved drafts.

How to edit your listings

On your listings page, you can see all of your items in a grid format. Below each listing, you can tap “Edit” to make any updates. This is important if you notice anything about your item that you didn’t cover in your listing description. You can also update your price, add photos, and change the shipping method.

Be sure to include as much info in your listing as possible. Shoppers want to know exactly what they’re purchasing. Here are some things to keep in mind when editing a listing:

  1. Make a great first impression

    Your first photo in a listing is what is shown to users that are browsing the Mercari marketplace, so make it your best! You can tap on your photos to rearrange them.
  2. Rep your brand

    Sometimes shoppers search for specific brands as they browse. If you know the item’s brand, including this in your listing can help get more eyes on your item.
  3. Get authenticated

    If you’re listing designer shoes, lenses, handbags, or wallets between $100 and $5,000, you can get them authenticated in the app from the listing page. You can learn more about Authenticate here.

Getting eyes on your items

The easiest way to get more shoppers looking at your listings is by promoting your items. You can either promote your item to everyone by dropping the price by 5% or send out an exclusive offer to just your likers that’s at least a 10% price drop.

When your listing is active, you can promote it by tapping “Promote” next to the “Edit” button. You’ll have the choice to send an offer to likers or promote to everyone. Promote drops the price of your item permanently and offer to likers just lasts 24 hours.

Either way, we’ll let your likers know of the new deal.

Find out more on the “Promote” button here.

Want hassle-free pricing? Enable Smart Pricing to set your listing’s price and floor price. We’ll gradually adjust the price based on market demand, but never lower than your floor.

We’ll notify your likers and boost your items visibility when your item’s price drops with Smart Pricing.

Communication is key

When you respond to shoppers, you’re more likely to get your items sold faster. You can even earn a “Fast responder” Seller Badge on your profile by chatting with shoppers within 24 hours of getting a message.

Shoppers can send you an offer on your item. Offers expire after 24 hours. If you want to counteroffer the buyer, you can send this through the chat.

Taking a break from selling?

You can easily deactivate your items from your listings page. You can deactivate a single listing by tapping the button next to “Edit,” or you can tap “Edit” in the top right corner and deactivate all of your listings at once for vacation mode.

Easily reactivate your listings by going to “Edit” to reactivate all of your listings when you’re ready to sell again.

Deleting a listing

You can delete a listing by tapping “Edit” beneath the listing. Then tap “Delete” at the bottom of the listing page.


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