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Creating an account

Creating a Mercari account is easy. Just tap “Sign up” from the Mercari homepage. After filling out your email, username, and password, you’ll be asked to verify your phone number.

Can I create multiple accounts?

We only allow users to create one account each.

Why do I need to verify my phone number?

We ask users to verify their account with an SMS code to make sure only the account owner can log in.

If your device is unable to receive text messages, you can also request to receive your verification code through a phone call. If you’re using Mercari from a device that can’t receive text messages or phone calls (e.g. a tablet), please use your mobile phone number and check your phone for the verification code.


After verifying your phone number, you won’t receive any calls or text messages from Mercari unless you authorize them.

Note that Mercari is unable to verify international, prepaid, or VoIP phone numbers.


Managing your account

Profile info

You can change your username and profile description by tapping on your photo on your profile page. We recommend having a profile photo to increase shoppers’ trust.

If you want to create a new password or change your email, you can do this by going to your profile > Settings > My addresses.

Shipping address

To update your shipping address going to your profile > Settings > My addresses. You currently can’t ship to APO addresses.

Note: If you use a PO Box as your mailing address ask your local Post Office if you can use a PO Box Street Address to receive FedEx deliveries.


If you need to update your notifications or phone number, go to your profile > Settings > Notifications. Feel free to toggle on or off your notifications at any time. We highly recommend that you keep yourself opted in to push and SMS notifications to stay on top of your transactions.

Payment methods

You can update your payment methods and bank account by going to your profile > Settings underneath Account Settings.

Phone number

To change your phone number go to Profile > Settings > Notifications then tap on “Change your mobile number”. You’ll be asked to verify your new number at the time of the change.


Check out who’s following you and who you’re following on your profile page beneath your photo. You can follow another seller or shopper by tapping “Follow” on their profile page.

Keeping your account protected

Keep your information secure by using a strong password and making sure to never share it. Double check that you’ve used the correct email and phone number on your account.

Be sure to avoid clicking through any questionable emails that don’t look like they came from Mercari.

You can log out of your account from your profile > Settings > Log out.


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