Learn how Mercari GG works.



1. Sell it

Connect to your Steam inventory and select the item to sell.


2. Check out

Create an order and send payment and Steam trading URL to Mercari GG.


3. Send it

Send the item to the buyer via Steam trading URL.


4. Receive item

Rate the seller once receiving the item in Steam. Make sure the item is as described.


5. Get paid

Rate the buyer and get paid. We only charge fees when your sale is complete.

Our Promise

Mercari is the safest way to buy or sell digital gaming assets. We keep everyone secure—ensuring the buyer gets what they paid for, and the seller gets paid.

If the seller delivers as promised, payment is guaranteed.

We hold the payment until confirmation of delivery.

If you don't get the item as promised, you'll get your money back.

All sellers are thoroughly checked.

We'll support you after the sale, too. Contact us with problems.


What can I sell on Mercari GG?

Currently, you can sell in-game inventory from Steam. The supported games include CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2, Killing Floor 2, PAYDAY 2, Rust, Unturned, Z1 Battle Royale. In the future, we want to make it so that you can sell any digital item. Make sure to keep your eyes out for future additions.

How can I start selling?

Click the “Sell on Mercari” button at the top of the page and just simply log-in through your Steam account. All you have to do is click on the items from your inventory, add a price, and finish your listing.

How do I get paid?

Easy. In order to cash out, you’ll have to submit a valid ID in our mobile app. We also have a 7 day pending balance just in case there are any cancellations or any potentially harmful activity to you or the buyer. Rest assured, we’ll keep your payment safe and secure until you’re ready to cash out.

How does Mercari GG protect sellers?

The money is held safely by us until the transaction is completed. We make sure to investigate any problem in the transaction with the help of our customer support team.

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